My hair is from my mother and my name... well, that was a parting gift from my father.
As a child I wrote fanciful stories of him. He was a fearless pilot, lost in an Australian desert befriending grand creatures as he desperately tried to come home. I knew it wasn't true but I cherished the idea of it being possible. From that, came the greatest love affair of my lifetime. I'm in love with creating environments that bring life to ideas, a voice to hope. I believe in the power of simple words leaving a strong impression. I believe in the rapport that comes from sincerely honest dialogue. I believe in people and their capability to understand anything, as long as you understand them first.
I believe in myself. From headline, to fine print, down to the design- I believe in making everything count. I'm Cream. That's my real name and I am the delightfully-different creative copywriter.
The delightfully-different creative copywriter is currently AVAILABLE for
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